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Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes is a personal development podcast focused on exploring the day-to-day behaviors we all engage in that determine the results we gain in our lives. Hosted by Gregg Clunis, the show shares simple strategies you can implement into your life to start moving the needle towards your biggest goals.

What Listener’s Say

“I’ve been listening to the podcast for quite some time now; I love it! Gregg covers relevant topics and you can tell lots of effort has been put in to make each episode. It’s the perfect length, not too long but not too short, and Gregg’s voice is so soothing!”

Simple changes are the key to lasting change
“Not only is this incredible practical tools, the host is also a delight to listen to. Thanks Greg for sharing your wisdom and skills with us.”

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Have a goal but aren’t sure where to start? Download “The Leap Roadmap” now and learn my 5 step process for turning your dreams into a to-do list.

    Most Recent Episodes

    472 – How to Keep More of Your Money

    In this episode, we look at a step-by-step approach to keeping more of your money.  Learn more finance tips: Join Blinkist: Takeaways: Track your spending (write it down) Review the reality each week...

    470 – How to Learn Faster

    In this episode, we look at a simple process to learn new skills faster.  Sign up for Better Help: Takeaways: Accept that failure is a part of the learning process Start learning where you are Take notes on your failure Learn the...

    469 – How to Finally Beat Procrastination

    In this episode, we look at two simple things to help you finally beat procrastination.  Take the survey: Subscribe on YouTube: Takeaways: Pursue something underwhelming Stop trying to do too much --- This...

    468 – Raising My Credit Score (My Story)

    In this episode, I talk about the last year of my credit journey and some lessons learned after having my score drop by 200 points.  Take the survey: Fender Play: [CODE: Tiny Leaps] Blinkist:...

    467 – Social Media & Mental Health

    In this episode, we look at the effects of social media on our mental health. Resources:

    466 – 5 Requirements to Start a Business

    In this episode, we look at the 5 major requirements to start your own business.  Problem Solution Customer Marketing Model Take the survey: --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast....

    465 – How to Be Mentally Flexible

    In this episode, we look at how to become more mentally flexible.    Join Fender Play:  Code: Tiny Leaps   What is Mental Flexibility?  Being able to make intentional decisions about how to engage challenging...

    464 – Top 3 Personal Finance Tools

    In this episode, we talk about the top 3 personal finance tools I am currently using.  Mentions: Digit - Save more money without thinking about it ( Credit Karma, Experian, Credit Wise - Keep track of your score, Plan your actions...