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If you have ever read a good story, you are already familiar with the format.

The would be hero is introduced to the world, they go on an epic quest with a specific goal in mind and after multiple failures, they finally achieve the thing they set out to do.

It’s a classic story that has been told over and over again in novels, storybooks, video games, and nearly every aspect of life throughout the ages.

But here is something you might not realize…

…this story doesn’t only exist in fairy tales.

So let me tell you a personal story…

Back when I was in high school and first started in the internet marketing world (2009) I was a little cocky and I set a goal for myself:

“I’m going to make $1,000,000 by the age of 21…”

I said that out loud, I put it into the world, and I bragged about it on a daily basis.

I’m 22 now, and guess what…

…I haven’t made a million dollars…yet.

I can’t even explain the embarrassment I felt when my 21st birthday came and I was still not rich. The people who had been watching me from high school took the opportunity to rub it in my face…my failure had become a weapon against me.

But there is something I learned…

The fact is, reaching for your goals isn’t going to be easy. It’s going to be riddled with pain and suffering and loss and numerous other things that would make any hero turn in the other direction. But the people who get there, who stick it out regardless of the struggles and keep their eyes locked on the end game; They were only able to do it because they understood something that most people don’t…

You cannot have a good story, with many successes and few failures. No one wants to hear about the hero who could do anything they wanted with ease.

And at the end of the day, no one care’s if you saved the princess…they care about the journey and struggle you overcame to do it. And that, is the key to winning.

So I challenge you to reframe your struggles. No matter what it is you have failed at, reframe it and view those hardships as the steps forward rather than the blockade. Because I guarantee you that without the goal you have been chasing, would be meaningless without the struggles that led you there.