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In today’s episode we’re looking at how to clear your mind. This is something that we all need to do more of, but most of us don’t. This is phenomenally important because it allows our mind the space it needs to rest. It allows us to recuperate and it allows us to process things. Here are four different ways that you can clear your mind both when you need to and just as a general habit that you can build and act on, on a day to day basis.

Key Points:

· Why its important to clear our minds

· How to start learning to meditate

· Why journaling can help

· How scheduling your day creates mental space

· The breathing exercise that helps me

Notable Quote:

“That organizational process is powerful for allowing us to step out from underneath the weight that comes with all of the things we’re dealing with in our lives. Just by sitting down and writing it out.” – Gregg Clunis

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