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In this episode we are talking about negativity and how to deal with negative people, negative energy and how to break this cycle when it is really tough to break out of. There is a lot of science around this so we explore the placebo effect and the nocebo effect, why it matters and how we can change it. I’m am also going to be sharing a little bit about what has worked for me.

Key Points:

· Placebo effect vs. Nocebo effects

· Why to not cut people out

· Why to Protect your emotions

· The value in practicing positivity and negativity

· Remembering to take a deep breath

Quote from: John Kelley, Ph.D., deputy director of Harvard Medical School’s Program in Placebo Studies & Therapeutic Encounter.

“Whenever you look at any randomized control trials, it’s surprising how similarly the side-effect profile for the placebo often mirrors the side-effect profile for the active [treatment]… It’s the power of the imagination. …. Just imagining something is happening is enough to activate those portions of the brain associated with that thought, or worry, or pain.”