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In this sponsored episode, I bring back Daniel Thomas Hind from Evolution Eat to share his groundbreaking process for mastering your diet, changing your lifestyle, and building a healthy relationship to food. 

You’ll Learn:

  • Why having a healthy relationship to food is more important than any diet
  • How most people start with their end goal when it comes to dieting, and what they should do instead
  • What Beethoven and Mozart have to do with your eating habits
  • How to permanently master your diet, change your relationship to food, and never starve yourself again

Guest Bio:

Daniel Thomas Hind is the founder of Evolution Eat where he and his team specialize in helping workaholics and high performers become more productive at work and more fulfilled in life. How? By transforming their relationships with food.

He believes that when you stop obsessing about food, stop reaching for sugar to fill an emotional void, stop judging yourself for your weight every day, something awesome happens: You have more energy. You create more time. You become more creative, less stressed. You become way more productive. You look and feel f**king awesome.