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I love Gregg's philosophy on changing your life: It's all about adjusting your day-to-day behavior. This book is a clear, concise guide for doing just that. Go create the life you deserve!

Jason Feifer

Editor-In-Chief, Entrepreneur Magazine

Refreshingly honest and REAL! A step-by-step guide to achieving anything you want. I'd recommend [Tiny Leaps, Big Changes] to anyone wanting to move forward in their mindset, strategy, and goals!

Erika De La Cruz

TV Personality, Founder, Passion to Paycheck

This is not a self-help book--this is a playbook for making real change in your life, one small step at a time. I highly recommend it!

Ryan Carson

Founder & CEO, Treehouse

I learned this lesson first hand when my parents decided to pack up everything we owned and move our family from the small island nation of Jamaica to the land of huge opportunity, the United States of America.

What happened over the next eighteen years of my life served as a masterclass in how to take advantage of opportunity, the incredible possibilities that exist in life, and the sacrifices that are required to accomplish your goals.

This experience is the basis for my current life philosophy, a message I leave my podcast listeners with at the end of every single episode:

“All big changes come from the tiny leaps you take every day.”

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