197 – How to Improve Your Communication Skills pt 2


In this episode of the podcast, we revisit the topic discussed in Monday’s episode on how to improve your communication skills. As we originally discussed, improving your communication skills is one of those things that you need to learn how to do on your own. But, if you can crack the code, it has the potential to reap benefits for the rest of your life. That’s why in this episode, I share three solid strategies to help you on that journey.

How to improve your communication skills:

  1. Add time to the situation
  2. Write/journal
  3. Meditation

The fundamental approach you should be taking is the process of adding time to your situation. The more often you are able to distance yourself from the initial emotional reaction you might have, the better you’ll be able to wrap your head around the truth of what you are feeling. Learning how to improve your communication skills is about achiving that clarity about what you really care about and allowing that clarity to speak rather than the emotional reaction you originally had.

Adding time, writing, and meditation are all great ways of achieving clarity and, in this episode, I dive deeper into why they work and how you can integrate them into your life in order to communicate your ideas and feelings much more clearly. This one is going to be good.

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