203 – Alternatives That Will Make Your To Dos Obsolete


Did you know that 41% of tasks on a to do list never gets done?

To dos are terrible. You’ve probably experienced this yourself, you sit down in the morning and you create a to do list, then you start working on it and maybe you get one or two things done but eventually, things go astray and by the end of the day there’s not all that much finished.

It’s super frustrating!

41% of tasks on your to dos will never get done. This holds true for me and holds true for basically everyone I know.

A to do list is a poor way of getting yourself to do stuff which is the end goal right?

Every time I sit down and make my to dos I end up getting more overwhelmed than if I had just tackled something.

Yes, maybe it can help to have things written out and have it all laid out in front of you, but one of the struggles that you run into with that is that there’s just no prioritization, there’s no context added by a To Do list, and there’s actually something called the Zeigarnik Effect and it states that people remember interrupted or incomplete task better than completed tasks. What this essentially means is that the 41% of tasks, the stuff that you are not getting done on your to dos, are sitting on your head. They’re affecting you and stopping you from completing other stuff. This creates a cyclical effect that makes it impossible to be productive. 


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